We do both! 

Allergy injections (SCIT): Allergy shots are the gold standard for treatment of Allergic Rhinitis (Allergic Sinus Disease) and Allergic Asthma. The injections are given in an effort to lesson your sensitivity to inhalants to which you are allergic. We begin with small doses of the allergens to which the patient is sensitive and gradually increase the amount until we reach an acceptable level. As Board Certified Allergists we use high dose therapy to achieve desensitization and therefore over time a patient can be taken off injections and continue to experience symptomatic relief. Allergy injections have been shown to be safe and effective and are FDA approved.


Allergy Drops (SLIT): Allergy drops is the name given to allergens that are administered by mouth. This form of therapy works by the same principle as injections and may be preferred by some patients who do not tolerate injections for a variety of reasons. This form of therapy is used widely in European countries but is not currently FDA approved in the United States. One benefit of this form of therapy is it does allow treatment to be administered at home since there is less potential for allergic reactions to the allergy vaccine. Some drawbacks to this form of therapy are no insurance coverage, since it is not FDA approved, and oral immunotherapy shows a lower range of symptom reduction in comparison to allergy injections.


***Not all allergy shots or allergy drops are equal.  Your allergy extract is specifically designed for you and the preparation is done in our office under the supervision of a Board Certified Allergist ***